Mental Health Awareness Month with X ARI.

April 30, 2021

Mental Health Awareness Month with X ARI.

We are happy to support this amazing mental health month healing event presented by @xariofficial!

+ Our founder @rynda & @jasonwrobel talk nutrition on 5/26.



"Mental Health Month with X. ARI" is a FREE online festival with daily sessions via Zoom for the entirety of Mental Health Month (May).

Join the mental health conversation with singer, writer, and mental health advocate, X. ARI.

Learn something new about self-care, hear powerful mental health stories, contribute to the conversation, build community, and spread awareness to end stigma. Let's come together for an important cause and spread love & light to help heal the world collectively.

Find all event details including calendar here:

Once you sign up you will receive the a Zoom meeting link via email for ALL of the events during #MHMwXARI - Use this same Zoom link to tap into all and any classes.

Workshops & Talks: (30-60 min each)

Self Care Sunday


Guided Meditation

Sound-bath healing

Emotional Freedom Technique

Kundalini Flow Yoga

Coping skills with (with NAMI)

Ending the Silence (with NAMI)

Mindful Mantras

Tai Chi Meditation

Intentional Mindset

Crystal Enlightenment

Art Therapy (Free Arts)

LGBTQIA+ x Mental Health

Radical Acceptance & Self Love


Live Music (Eventbrite:

Cultural Diversity


Cardio Hip Hop

Spirituality Talks (such as "Hear Yourself")

Mirror Work


Nutrition & Mental Health

Bullying Coping Tools

Suicide Prevention Awareness

Sleep Hygiene

Debunking Sleep Disorders

Rhythms of Renewal & Rebirth


Bullying Coping Tools

Teachers: X. ARI, Mashi Cohen, Chrys Muszka, Steve Fernandez, Meital Azulay, Marie Olarte-Silveira, Renata Love, Nik Yomella, David Martinez, Eva Almos, Ora Goldin

Speakers: X. ARI, Rachel Steinman, Samira Bashout, Mashi Cohen, Kiara Aguillon, Alessandra Torresani, Jessica Watters, Sinem Saniye, Aaron Chang (ChiKairo), Yasmin Irfani, Tim Davis, Hannah Bowers, Ashley Bourbeau, Rynda Laurel, Leslie North, Serena Foster, Katie Roberts, Winter, Ramses Ja, Q Ward, Izzy Baker


CYR Funding Inc.

Be There



National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) - San Fernando Valley & Westside LA


The Blues Project


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Our Founder Rynda Laurel on Crooners and Coffee Shops Podcast

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VRYeveryday joins Mental Health Action Day May 20th.
VRYeveryday joins Mental Health Action Day May 20th.

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In partnership with over 450 brands, nonprofits, cultural leaders and government agencies, VRYeveryday is proud to be a partner in the first-ever Mental Health Action Day on Thursday, May 20th when we will encourage and empower people to take the next step for #MentalHealthAction. Go to to learn more and join our effort to shift from awareness to action on mental health!

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Recovering Out Loud: Achieving Mental Healing In The Most Natural Way With Rynda Laurel
Recovering Out Loud: Achieving Mental Healing In The Most Natural Way With Rynda Laurel

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The path towards sobriety is also a story of mental healing. Since it directly impacts our minds, dealing with anxiety and depression is also a huge factor when getting rid of addiction. However, treatments for such a diagnosis are primarily dependent on a huge amount of medication. Jason Wrobel and Whitney Lauritsen talk with Rynda Laurel to share how her pursuit for natural-based solutions to overcome her own addictions led to the creation of VRYeveryday. She talks about her work on educating people on how to lessen hard medication in favor of organic herbs and even psychedelic drugs. Rynda also looks back on how she dealt with the absence of willpower when she was still struggling to heal, how to surrender to other people, and why prominent people must not be afraid to show a bit of humanity by talking about mental health.

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