Our Founder Rynda Laurel on Liberate The Podcast! *video*

July 22, 2019

Our Founder Rynda Laurel on Liberate The Podcast! *video*

Our founder sits down with Liberate The Podcast host Christina Dam to discuss natural solutions for mental health and addiction recovery + each of our formulas! 

From Liberate Hollywood:

Natural Solutions For Anxiety, Depression & Addiction Recovery 

If you haven’t struggled with Anxiety, Depression or Addiction, you probably know someone who has. In the spiritual community, we tend to dive in deep and look for the emotional root causes and traumas for these ailments, but @rynda gracefully points out that oftentimes there truly is a biochemical component as well (whether that was there as a baseline for some folks or happened as a result of chronic stress and trauma has yet to become crystal clear). While she’s not anti-medication, she shares her experience of recovery (27 years sober, congratulations sister!) and wellness and credits some amazing natural supplements… (s/o to @vryeveryday)  her mission is to spread the word that we have some wonderful and effective natural options  You can join Rynda in person for Mental Health Nutrition 101 at Liberate Hollywood on Wednesday, July 24th from 7 – 9 PM, $25 Early Bird, $30 Day Of. Tickets at www.LiberateHollywood.com


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