Our founder Rynda Laurel quoted in LA WEEKLY on the wellness trend.

January 10, 2020

Our founder Rynda Laurel quoted in LA WEEKLY on the wellness trend.

Our founder Rynda Laurel quoted in LA WEEKLY on the wellness trend.  Thank you to writer Lina Lecaro for including these important topics.

“Wellness is the new black and that’s OK with me, it’s better than heroin chic for all of us,” notes Rynda Laurel, a holistic mental health and recovery advocate and founder of VRYeveryday, a line of all-natural mood balancing supplements for mental health and wellbeing. “There is a lot of attention paid to yoga, fitness, meditation and fad diets, but it’s really important to understand nutrition’s role in overall wellness and mental states. We are what we eat, but also what we absorb and what is happening within our own biochemistry.”

Laurel stresses that paying attention to our own “mental health nutrition” and how that supports all other forms of wellness is a key component to achieving our best selves. She also notes something often left out of the wellness conversation, the fact that it can often be costly. After all, we can’t all afford trainers, intimate studio classes, spas or retreats, not to mention the kinds of procedures and services that make Los Angeles in particular, the beauty capital of the world.

“In L.A. and across the country, I’d like to see a trend of more affordable wellness offerings for people so it doesn’t become something only those with money can strive for,” Laurel points out.


Read the full article at LA WEEKLY.



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