The Morning Mind Set: DOPA MIND + GLUTA MINE

*Feel Alive* + *Feel Balanced*

Suggested Use:

DOPA MIND: Take 1-2 capsules of in the morning daily. Re-evaluate mood after one full bottle.

GLUTA MINE: Take 1-2 capsules as needed to balance energy. *Our customers also use Gluta Mine for blood sugar drops, sugar, carb and alcohol cravings - see amino acids for more info. 


DOPA MIND helps support healthy levels of the feel-good neurotransmitter Dopamine to promote a positive mood, motivation and energy.* Our Mucuna extract has 15% naturally occurring L-Dopa for optimum support. Feel Alive!*

GLUTA MINE supports cellular metabolism to maintain stable energy.* L-Glutamine is a diverse amino acid that helps fuel the body to support multiple systems.* Feel Balanced!*