About Us


VRYeveryday was founded with the mission to help support emotional wellness, mental health and biochemical recovery using nutrition, supplements and various wellness modalities.

 Our all natural, non-GMO, vegan formulas were created with the vital help of our experienced US based manufacturer and taking a direct cue from innovators in the field of Mental Health Nutrition, neurotransmitter therapy, neuroscience, holistic healers and functional medicine doctors. Our philosophy is informed by the works the many doctors and clinicians who have been studying the effect of nutrition and nutrient therapies on mental health for decades and the most current studies. We consulted hundreds of books on diet, nutrition herbs and natural solutions. We've provided a list of books in our resources as an example of the depth this science has been covered. This list is ever expanding as new science emerges and we add to it frequently. While many targeted nutrients can be found in healthy food, many need a concentrated amino acid blend, specific formula combinations and vitamin co-factors to fully support body/brain chemistry to achieve an optimum state. We aim to support you on the journey to wellness. 


 About Our Founder, In Her Own Words:

 Hello there! Welcome to my dream of helping people like you searching for something natural to help them FEEL BETTER! I hope to offer some additional solutions for you here in our supplements and our resources. A little about me and my journey - I have survived, I mean, have had a long wonderful career in the music and entertainment field (for more on that life head here: @rynda). I have over 26 years of continuous sobriety and recovery from drug addiction and almost 3 years of full remission from clinical depression. In the constant search to feel better over the years, I have read a copious amounts of books and sat through a gazillion online courses, consulted with multiple doctors and therapists and health practitioners and sponsors and nutrition coaches and the list goes on and on....and finally by  using specific supplements and understanding how my diet was affecting my moods and modifying it, I was able to recover from my own mood and depression issues. Of course, I continued to to all the things that kept me sober (community and spiritual connection) and mindful (yoga, meditation and breath-work) but with the addition of detailed functional medicine lab work, a fine tuned nutrition plan and mood balancing supplements, everything finally changed. The mucuna pruriens herb (in our Dopa Mind) specifically helped me to get off of Wellbutrin without the crash - it literally changed my life.***

Because this change was so profound and I wanted to share this new found freedom with others, I decided to launch VRYeveryday so that I could pass on what I learned and create products that help others to achieve a new level emotional well being. By sharing this information and offering specific supplements to address issues many of us face I'm hoping that you do not have to go through the years of research and trial and error that I did. It is important to understand this-- everything we do works better if our bodies and brains are fed properly. It is my mission to help more people learn about all of the additional natural ways we can supplement the body and brain to truly become happy, joyous and free. It is now my life's purpose, it is VRY. everyday. 

~Rynda Laurel, January 18, 2018
Founder, VRYeveryday
Catalyst, atRynda Strategic Consulting
Board of Directors, Charity Bomb

Board of Directors, Alliance for Addiction Solutions
Recovery Nutrition Coach L1 Academy for Addiction and Mental Health Nutrition
Vitamins, Minerals and Nutraceuticals Certification, Huntington College of Health Sciences
NOTE: Medications can be life saving and there is NO shame in taking them.
Please consult a qualified health practitioner!

Rynda celebrating 25 years of Recovery July 2017. 
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