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  • I have been using VRY since it launched & I am so pleased with the results; I can't go without it, haha I am no longer taking Wellbutrin, and I feel that VRY, along with diet, exercise & my spiritual practices, played a large part in my successfully shifting away from the Rx. Can't recommend enough!

    Kristin Schloesser

  • I’ve been using Pink Cloud for about 1 month now and have felt a really profound difference in my mood. I have 3 years sober and have considered going on Wellbutrin or Prozac but honestly don’t feel like that’d be the solution for me. Two capsules in the AM have absolutely changed my mood for the better. I have a sense of wonder and excitement about life. Kind of a gut feeling that things are good and I’m on a great path. This is a great product and I highly recommend it. 

    Nik Frost

  • I sure do love the pink cloud. It makes me feel vibrant, and my eyes are brighter. I'm more awake, even keel, motivated, and there are fewer moments of anxiety or self doubt... it's amazing what you can accomplish when you're not standing in your own way. I've also noticed that I carry myself differently, like I've got my stride back. Thank you. - 

    Carly Valentine

  • I love Serenity. It really helps keep my GABA levels stabilized. I do a bunch of other stuff, too, but adding this made a big improvement.

    Karen Allen

  • VRYeveryday’s Pink Cloud and Dopa Mind keep me feeling mood balanced, “I can” is frequent for me. Both are what was missing in my supplement regimen helping me to have brain health too!

    Pamela Goodchild

  • I love all of the VRYeveryday products... (see full review)

    Jeff Donaldson

  • Received my #wefeelyou set from VRYeveryday and loving it! (via IG)

    Christina @zeroproofdesigns

  • Love everything about VRYeveryday!! For myself and my husband. Thanks πŸ˜ 

    Jodi Ford Mullins

  • I found out about these amazing supplements @vryeveryday when I was in Joshua Tree this Summer, and they were a serious game changer!πŸ™πŸΌ I've struggled with anxiety, depression and hormonal mood swings for years, especially after my miscarriage.. But, within a matter of weeks, Pink Cloud balanced me out..πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ’– And, when I don't take them, I can definitely see a difference..
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    Nikki Bridges - Urban Mysticism